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Rat a tat tat. Rat a tat tat tat. Hey! If my love is a weapon, there's no second guessing when I say rat a tat tat. Rat a tat tat tat. Hey! If my heart is a grenade, you pull the pin and say: We're all fighting growing old. We're all fighting growing old. In the hopes of a few minutes more to get on St. Peter's list, but you need to lower your standards 'cause it's never getting any better than this.
i never post personals.

But idk where to say this because:
• Facebook: “oh my god no you’re not.”
• Twitter: no one cares
• anywhere else: doesn’t exist.

Eh. I don’t think anyone really cares here either.
But geez. I’ve been really disgusted with myself.

And idk why I’ve felt like this the last couple of days.

I mean. I know I have some nasty life habits like being lazy, not focusing on important stuff and being lazy.

But I can’t pin point the why just all of a sudden I’m really focused on it.

Eh. I should probably just go to sleep. Its 1:15am on 4/20 and/or Easter.

Actually. Question. What do straight edge kids (term used losely) do today? Do we just.. carry out our daily activities as if its just another day? I guess.

Anyways. Night Tumblr.
Sorry for useless babbling.